Product Hire

Are you arranging a photoshoot or event and require garden dressings?

Over the course of 2021 my stock has been used by ITV (a Gardening episode), BBC (Drama Series episode) and Channel 4 (Reality Show series).

I am open about my rates, so please take a moment to have a look at my terms below.

If you require help on site setting up for the day (or even a few hours) then I have a daily rate that I charge. Having worked on a production set before, I have experienced the set-backs incurred when working with inexperienced crew.

Why use me as opposed to a more National rental business?

This is a very good question. There are two benefits to using my business to rent stock.

1. Location. If you are filming locally, you will save substantial transport fees as opposed to using a larger business based in/around London. Also, you are supporting an independent business in the local community... isn't that good!

2.) Quality. On one occasion a television programme was hiring out plants from myself and a much larger business, quite well known for plant rentals. I was shocked at the quality of plants they sent... lifeless and full of weeds.

3) Cost. Having once worked on a large production set in the Arts Department, I have seen first-hand the ludicrous fees charged by rental companies. For the service and quality of my stock, my fees are very reasonable.


All of the stock I hire is stock I sell and love. I take great pride in the plants and trees I choose and with this you are guaranteed beautiful specimens for your set. I wouldn't let something leave my Yard if I wasn't happy selling it to a client.

There will be a minimum hire charge of £30.00 per item OR 10% of the value of the item (items above £300), with all weeks following to be charged at 10% of the value of the goods per week. For example, a £180 pot hired for 3 weeks will cost £30 for the first week and £18 for the subsequent weeks. Total cost for 3 weeks = £66.

The minimum length of time you will be charged for hire is one week's worth, be it for 1 day or 7. Every 8th day will count as a new week (it will not be broken down pro-rata).

It is required that all payments are issued by bank transfer.

The hire date commences from the date of collection/delivery. I require payment in full, 24 hours before delivery / collection is planned. This is down to poor experiences in the past of waiting to be paid. In the case of working with a business who operates on strict 30 day credit terms with suppliers, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. This is non-negotiable.

Along with a formal hire agreement, a ledger of the goods you require is sent over detailing any existing defects. This is essential as damages may lead to a loss in value once returned and re-marketed for sale. The 'value' is at the discretion of Prospect Collection.

If goods are returned/collected in a condition that is not the same as listed in the ledger of the hire agreement, this may result in a penalty fine per item.

The decision on the whether the goods are returned/collected in a worse or damaged condition is at the sole

discretion of Prospect Collection

As we do not know how, or where, the hired goods are being used, please note that Prospect Collection cannot be held responsible for any damage, or injury incurred to any third party, any other person's, or company's property, or person, and that this is the sole responsibility of The Hirer once they have taken delivery of the hired goods.

It is recommended that the goods are insured by The Hirer.

You are encouraged to arrange your own collection of goods from my Yard. I can assist in arranging delivery however any delivery fee's charged through Prospect Collection will not be refunded upon return of goods.